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Murder Mysteries by Deadly Distractions are meticulously crafted, lovingly written, and revised to spec. Our team of creators presents a uniquely entertaining experience that's custom fitted for your group. 

Perfect For...

Friends with Santa Hats

Customize our mysteries to any holiday! Santa is victim? Sure thing!

birthday images

Special someone as the famed detective or unfortunate victim?

Business handshake
Client Appreciation

show your favorite clients and customers how much they mean to you

Image by Evangeline Shaw
Social Marketing

Impress your prospects with a one-of-a-kind event

Image by Kelsey Knight

ooOOO girls just wanna have fun!

Outdoor Party

keep your graduating class occupied with a constructively deadly activity

Hands Together

Juice up the creativity and stretch your team’s comfort zones

Female Presenter
Convention Entertainment

Don’t just kill time during your multi-day expo...solve the murder too!

We're dying to host your party!

See our growing lineup of murder mystery games:

The day George Orwell said _I love you__edited_edited_edited.jpg

...or create your own!

Murder Mystery Scratch Kitchen

Conniving creators colluding with co-conspirators in concocting clever chronicles connecting creative characters in calamitous circumstances...
Just like grandma used to make!

The Scratch Kitchen is a collaborative creative writing workshop that guides your group through the creation of your own plot! You will be led through the exact process our writers use to write mysteries in a one-of-a-kind event somewhere in-between dungeons and dragons, improv comedy, and creative writing.

Educational YouTube Series

Successful Heists and Delighted Victims

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